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✼ Well, it's December now, which means it's time for a goal post, update post, planning post all wrapped into one lovely entry! Lists lists lists!


✼ So I got a gingivectomy done and the actual procedure was really nice. I was awake for the whole thing. Pain was like a 1, which was mostly the initial numbing and a little discomfort. The issues started about 30-45 minutes after the surgery was over. If you aren't familiar with the procedure, basically for people who have really "gummy" smiles it removes some of the gum tissue in order to make the teeth show more to have a fuller smile. There are other reasons like gum disease or whatever but that's why I had it done for, cosmetics. You can see it on my bottom teeth in the second set of photos how high my gums come up.


✼ They had given me some lame ass ibuprofen which was just not going to fucking cut it. So my mom and granny summoned the Norco, which I had never had before. It wasn't so much a painkiller for me so much as a knock-your-ass-out type deal. Like, I couldn't take it and stay awake lol. It was wonderful for helping me sleep, too. Although the next two pictures probably don't support that statement much lol.


✼ Once the Norco was introduced, I pretty much was a pain pill addict for like 4 straight days. I was popping it every 2 hours on the nose. Norco + Tylenol 3, + Ibuprofen 800 it is a miracle my damn heart ain't stop lol. Though I was pretty sick from it all too. Ibuprofen is a monster on the stomach and the narcs did not help.

✼ By Thanksgiving, I was up walking around and cooking albeit still feeling a little more like roadkill and a little less like human. Made dressing, mac&cheese, potato salad, green beans, 2 sweet potato pies, peach cobbler, turkey, 2 corned beefs and I think thats it?

✼ Mother and grandmother tipped into the alcohol a little early and I kicked them out my kitchen lol. No mother let's not put Hennessey in the dressing okay? Granny, you put the wrong thing in there -- again! Out both of you!

more pictures of the results )

✼ In the first two photos, the scaly stuff is a tissue glue that he used to keep the sutures in place. The third is more of the surgery, the fleshy pink bits are where he sliced my gums and kinda rearranged it. This was the bit that hurts most during this recovery.

✼ Other unintended side effects....I lost 14 pounds (6.35 kg) in 7 days. My diet has been water, chocolate ensure+, applesauce, and pills. Nothing else. And it showed. All the narcs has given me a serious case of constipation though, sigh.

10 days post op )

✼ I'm now 10 days post op and I'm just starting to transition back to solid foods. I can't bite into foods just yet cause the underside of the left side is still healing - I think the sutures came out too early. But solid food, yes. Amazing.

✼ Other unexpected side effects, how emotional I became. I was a crying weeping bawling mess 99% of it. I mean I couldn't stop all the crying I was doing. I guess I felt lonely cause I couldn't eat with the family and they all but banished me to my room and I was feeling lonely and isolated and just a whole lot of internal negativity flared up for me.

what's a journal without the mention of boys, eh?

❅ So if you didn't know, I had two main friends on my case. One friend, Deonte, I kinda really liked but had issues with and one, Edgar, I just didn't like at all romantically at any point whatsoever. I would like to preface this by saying, I have never, ever, led Edgar on. I have been up front like 2 years in a row with my vehement romantic disinterest in him. At some point last year we also had a bit of a blowup over this exact same thing but of course boys will be idiot boys. So let's talk each situation separately.

I ain't thinkin' 'bout you. )


I think he's either emotionally stunted or a serial killer. Which might explain why I was so comfortable with him. It's scary to think about. )


So idk there's some boy gossip for you and an update on my surgery. Part 2, wow I need a part 2, lol. This entry got out of control fast. But the next one will be happier? I guess.

Can't wait for  2017 man, I'm done with the BS. I'm gonna go off and be a fucking doctor and sip on my damn drank.

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I'm a pantser this year (honestly where did october go?). I'll probably do fandom one shots cause I don't really have the time to formulate any kind of plot. And I doubt I'll finish it this year.

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 7.49.40 PM

I wrote this with my intuos tablet and Manga Studio 4. I told ya'll I'm serious about learning this.
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Everyone be safe and enjoy all your candy! Or for those of us who plan to simply relax, have a smooth, restful night!


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